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the T.P. Sessions EP

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Two Piece electronica outfit, e-banditos, formed in the summer of 2006, while ROSEMARY was recording and visiting Flyaway Minion. Brian Greaney, keyboard player for the Minion had been working on some instrumentals of his own. Riddled with downtempo electronica beats, ROSEMARY was touched by the gods, or some strange brew, and told to write these words on paper. ROSEMARY scrounged around for some paper, but alas only toilet paper could be found. Thus came about "the TP Sessions."


Brian Greaney has played in several bands, including Flyaway Minion, the American Static, Bi-Polar Ignition, the Big Wazoo, and dozens of other bands in and around Dayton OH. He is a multi-instrumentalist, but he prefers the delicious sounds of the Moog. 



Rosemary Haskins has played in numerous bands including her own, ROSEMARY, Waked Lunch, Tim Chad and Sherry, Ultra Vulgar, Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys, and many, many more. She is a Producer/Engineer/Writer/Publisher, and owns the indie company WaterWorks Entertainment, a Nashville based recording studio and publishing company. 

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