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Artist, composer, producer, and engineer, Rosemary Haskins, has been deeply entrenched in the Nashville music scene for over 20 years. She got her start in high-school, performing at various music venues in the city, culminating in a prized winning spot at University School of Nashville's Zeitgeist - Battle of the Bands. Rosemary was also heavily active in the symphony/orchestral community in Nashville, playing in Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music's student orchestra. She went on to college to earn her first degree in Religious Studies. It was during this period that she began playing and touring with numerous bands in the Black Label Empire catalogue. In 2006, she earned her second college degree in Audio Engineering from the world renowned SAE Institute, at the Nashville campus, off of Music Row. At the end of 2006, she opened WaterWorks Entertainment, an indie music studio, production, and publishing company. A pioneer for women in Nashville, her studio was the first commercial studio to be owned and operated by a female in the area.

Rosemary has released numerous records over the years, including, "the Fabulous Life Of...," 'the T.P. Sessions," "In Progress...," "Sol-i-s," "Trapped," "Retro-Go-Go!," and dozens of other albums. For a relatively complete discography, visit the credits page.

Rosemary has continued producing and engineering various musical projects, and has become heavily involved in scoring for film and television via her project, Waked Lunch (more on Waked Lunch below). 

For more info on Rosemary, shoot an e-mail to or


Two Piece electronica outfit, e-banditos, formed in the summer of 2006, while ROSEMARY was recording and visiting Flyaway Minion. Brian Greaney, keyboard player for the Minion had been working on some instrumentals of his own. Riddled with downtempo electronica beats, ROSEMARY was touched by the gods, or some strange brew, and told to write these words on paper. ROSEMARY scrounged around for some paper, but alas only toilet paper could be found. Thus came about "the TP Sessions."


Brian Greaney has played in several bands, including Flyaway Minion, the American Static, Bi-Polar Ignition, the Big Wazoo, and dozens of other bands in and around Dayton OH. He is a multi-instrumentalist, but he prefers the delicious sounds of the Moog. 



Rosemary Haskins has played in numerous bands including her own, ROSEMARY, Waked Lunch, Tim Chad and Sherry, Ultra Vulgar, Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys, and many, many more. She is a Producer/Engineer/Writer/Publisher, and owns the indie company WaterWorks Entertainment, a Nashville based recording studio and publishing company. 

Waked Lunch

Wakd Lunh

Waked Lunch is the side-project of Rosemary Haskins. Born from the ventromedial frontal cortex of the brain, Waked Lunch is an experimental project that utilizes atmospheric sounds, samplers, strings, and other more common instruments such as drums, guitar, and synths. Inspired by William Burroughs and Angelo Badalamenti, the music is dark and melancholy, though somewhat frenzied, and often edited using Burroughs' writing technique "the Cut-Up Method." 

Waked Lunch was birthed, after Rosemary worked on experimental jazz saxophonist Steve Mackay's, (of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Violent Femmes, Radon Ensemble, etc. notoriety), latest album, "Sometimes Like This. I Talk" Engineering these sessions, along with sessions with "the Queen of Noise," Leslie Keffer, introduced Rosemary to a completely different world... a world outside of the more mainstream, but ever still "indie," rock, pop , and Americana music Rosemary had been not only writing and recording herself, but also producing and engineering for other bands of the same or similar genres. Waked Lunch is the next outlet, a huge outlet, that allows Rosemary to step way outside of the boxes she had previously housed her musical talents in.

Though Rosemary is the primary composer for Waked Lunch, she also enlists the help of her best friend, and multi-instrumentalist Josh Esref Guntel. Josh, like Rosemary, is from Nashville, TN. He has been playing and writing music since he was a  kid, and is proudly of Turkish descent. Josh play numerous instruments, including the piano, organ, synthesizer, guitar, bass, cumbus, drums, percussion and more. Josh has the rare ability to pick up virtually any instrument, and begin playing it, without prior lessons or knowledge of the instrument, making him an invaluable asset for the Waked Lunch project. Rosemary and Josh have been in several different bands together in the past, covering more traditional genres like rock, pop, electro, and americana. You can find a lot of info on the different bands they have played in at  the official websites for WaterWorks Entertainment and Black Label Empire.

WaterWorks Entertainment

Located in the heart of Nashville, WaterWorks Entertainment offers a variety of services including recording, publishing, promotion, artist websites, and more.

Our studio offers a full Pro Tools and Logic Pro suite with a nice assortment of mics, mic pres, and outboard gear, as well as a midi suite.

Our publishing company hosts a stellar roster of indie rock, pop, eletronica, americana and more. We specialize in placing music in film and tv, as well as do heavy promotion for our published artsts.

We offer marketing services, as well as web-design services for musicians. We can help you promote your next record or simply help grow your fan base.

Our online record shop hosts a unique assortment of albums that any indie enthusiast will find delightful. There you will also find cool goodies such as hats, shirts, stickers, bags, and more.





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